Domain For Sale

Page was on lease, now domain is available for sale - contact us at, to inquire about the domain, interested parties can also call 0031619357608

We were overwhelmed by the calls and emails we received from far and wide and the emails come in every day. From Las Vegas to the UK, Indian reservations to different groups- some hate groups, other charities/foundations to groups all dying to grab ownership of the domain names. Out of respect for one casino executive in Las Vegas whom we had a lengthy conversation with, we will be temporarily suspending the current leaser of the domain and putting it up for auction for 60 days.

I have never experienced anything like this in my 20 years of domain brokerage. I have bought and sold some of the largest domains in Europe but this has been the most wanted domain I have ever come across. We have heard from Casino magnates to CEOS of major companies and casino executives far and wide. We have even heard from politicians and a few lawyers with expensive degrees but no understanding of internet laws.

The most surprising email we received was from the office of a senator who also said that the content on the website does not reflect the good work that the foundation does. We have heard from judges and the most random individuals from the most random places.

I am but a domain broker from a small village in Emmen who bought these domains last year and leased it out this year. I am not responsible for what the party that rented it put on the page nor do I support what they had on the page. I have temporarily suspended their site on advice from some of the inquiries we've received about the website while we receive offers. I am but a humble domain broker from a small town in Emmen in the Netherlands. I am welcoming all offers on the following domains either separately or together:

Domains will be sold to the highest bidder. Interested parties including the current leaser of the domain have submitted their bids to, the domain will be sold to whoever puts forth the highest bid.